Who is me?

As a student of Aldrine Guerrero, I have grown into an instrumentalist that dabbles into all ends of the musical spectrum. The Beatles to Journey, Enrique to MJ, Miley Cyrus to Carlos Santana. My musical taste makes no sense and holds no discrimination. My ultimate goal is to show the everyday ukulele player that you can truly play any kind of music on the ukulele.

I've had the chance to represent Lanikai Ukulele at NAMM, as well as open for my mentor - Aldrine Guerrero during his most recent East Coast Tour. I've also graced the roads with Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel! I'm also a proudly sponsored artist of Mim's Ukes and in very recent and exciting news, I also became a Supported Artist for Koaloha. Love you guys!

Sometimes I get hungry

Who knows what'll happen on stage, I love being there. Sometimes I play with my teeth.

Jam with me!

Let's play a song, ask me a question, whatever you're into! If I am at a festival I am there to help and make you better.

Need a lesson?

Contact me or find me on LessonUnderground.com